Interior at Oleander Drive | K38 Baja Grill
Founder, Josh, Surfing | K38 Baja Grill

Our Story

Over 20 years ago, our founder Josh Vach visited the coast of California. He went with a desire to find the perfect wave and enjoy the amazing authentic Mexican food that California has to offer. When he returned, Josh set out on a new adventure to bring those same authentic Baja flavors to his coastal home in North Carolina. Fueled by his life changing trip, K-38 Baja Grill, which was named after his favorite surfing spot at the Km marker 38 in Baja, was born. It was his passion project where he could create his own authentic dishes. Today, we continue to nurture and respect the love and passion that Josh put into his restaurant through our food and atmosphere in the hopes that you too can experience what our founder found so special about Baja, California.

Community Involvement

At K38 we treat everyone with respect, kindness, and a helpful attitude. We care about our community at large and show that by giving back through local initiatives, scholarships, and more. Reach out if there’s an opportunity you’d like for us to get involved with!